PSD to WordPress Conversion Myths Busted

Still confused if you should ask for PSD to WordPress conversion or not? You might have come across mixed responses. Some will say in favor while others will not, that’s how the WP topic is – confusing all the time! But, there is always a way out. You just need to put your trust in WordPress because the whole world loves it.

Bust those myths that become a bottleneck in your growth. WP conversion from PSD is the most opted option around that’s frequently used by businesses all over the world. Let’s find out those prevailing myths and bust them out one by one:

Myth 1: The WordPress websites can’t be optimized to achieve high traffic. The WP websites go offline if the traffic exceeds beyond a certain limit.

Truth: If the website goes offline, the issue isn’t related to WordPress but the trouble lies in web hosting. You need to switch to a reliable host that supports you well even when the amount of traffic increases by many folds.

Myth 2: WP doesn’t support the templates which are free.

Truth: That’s not true! In fact, the WordPress has a great community to support you in the hours of difficulties. No matter if the issues are pertaining to themes or free templates, they can be sorted out without costing you a dime. You can reach out the WP forums to seek advice free of cost!

Myth 3: PSD to WordPress conversion is not for the E-commerce websites. WP doesn’t support E-commerce functions as it is a blogging platform only.

Truth: WP has a lot more advanced E-commerce functionalities that you can think of. Powered by WooCommerce, WP e-commerce and many more, WP supports 100% E-commerce functionalities. You need not worry about E-commerce business as WP can handle everything that an online E-commerce business needs.

Myth 4: WP is just meant for small businesses and isn’t a scalable option.

Truth: This is just a myth and nothing else. If you check out the facts, you will find out that big brands such as Disney, Best Buy and several others are selling their products online using WordPress. So, your brand could also go their way. Whether you are starting out small or an established business, WP has E-commerce solutions for all.

Myth 5: There’s no benefit of Photoshop to WordPress conversion because it isn’t a secure platform for building a website.

Truth: That’s just a myth. No one has ever used it if it isn’t a secure platform. WP offers a secure platform for you to carry business activities. You can even enhance its security features to make more secured for your business. This could be done using various security plugins for WordPress such as Sucuri Security.

Myth 6: Most of the plugins available on WordPress are not reliable. So, instead of asking for Photoshop to WP conversions, you should look out for something else.

Truth: This is not true. The whole world is relying on WP plugins available on the website and most of them are reliable. They are written using highest coding standards and are regularly updated. However, you should check for ratings and reviews before considering any plugin for your WP website.

Myth 7: WP isn’t good for SEO, so PSD to WP conversions are nothing just a waste of time because you will never get the organic visibility you need.

Truth: That’s again a myth and not worth your consideration. For boosting your website’s organic visibility, there couldn’t be a better platform than WP. It gives you an ease of writing meta descriptions, titles and various other SEO elements which directly boost your SEO efforts. Don’t pay attention to myths that say WP restricts organic visibility because they are far from the truth.

The Final Takeaway

Stay away from rumors that misguide you all the time. Believe it or not, PSD to WordPress conversion is the best decision you could ever take for your business. Just because rumors say this and that about WP conversions, you shouldn’t halt your WP conversion process. WordPress has every single feature you will ever need. Be it for E-commerce industry or a different vertical! Just stop distracting your mind and look out at the success stories of big brands that started with WP from scratch and made their way up!